In May 2006 I created the World Cup 2006 application. The goal was to make an application entirely in APEX (Oracle Application Express). In the beginning the application only gave an overview of the scores and the ranking of the teams. Soon the application got interactive: it allowed betting on the games and having discussions through the shoutbox. An other feature was the utilization of Webservices to show some more info about the World Cup. More than 400 people played with us. At "peak"-moments we had over 10.000 hits an hour.

    I got a lot of positive reactions. That kept me motivated to make a follow-up application, called "DG Tournament", which was recreated from the ground-up and allowed to schedule and play on different sports too.

    In May 2008 I updated the application to work with the latest version of Oracle Application Express and bet on the games of Euro 2008.

    As Belgium was not in the World Cup 2010 I didn't think about updating the app for the World Cup 2010, but after many requests I finally did. It also became a SAAS application and the site was used by others for their local "betting".

    In 2012 I launched the site again for Euro 2012 and extended the site with a mobile version of the Bet Rank, based on JQuery Mobile, which became available in APEX 4.1. We created also a new custom theme on-top of DG Tournament.

    For the World Cup 2014 the site was created from scratch again to go back to basics, but with more social integration; you can create groups and invite friends, you can login with Facebook etc. Special attention was put on security too; so all new feature of APEX 4.2 were used, the site runs over https, best practices were followed and a security audit was done.

    For Euro 2016 the site was upgraded to APEX 5.0 and a new photo was used on the home page. All-in-all only minimal changes were made.

    For the World Cup 2018 the site was upgraded to APEX 5.1 and later to APEX 18.1. The user interface was changed to use Universal Theme and the Social Authentication was changed to make use of the build-in APEX functionality. Oracle also decided to run the challenge internally and some volunteers of Oracle helped upgrading the site.

    For the EURO 2020, the site has stayed more or less the same than in 2018.

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    Dimitri Gielis
    United Codes / APEX R&D